Monday, November 12, 2012

Drake Shot For Me - Bot Version

I could see it in your eyes your angry
but i don't give a fuck what you're feeling now
mad cause she aint like me
you should be mad cause nobody will ever do it like me
all the care I would take all the love that we made
you aint gone find nobody to replace what I gave to you
I never wanna keep this
memory of us
I know that you gone here this
you aint my man
yeah! i said it, never again don't you forget it
the way you walk that's me
the way you talk that's me
the way you fade your hair up did you forget that's me
and the voice in your speaker right now that's me
and the voice in your ear that's me
cant you see that I made it
i told you i'm gone remix this song so now i made it
and your wasted with your niggas 
yeah im the reason why you always getting faded
Take A Shot For Me

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